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Don't Let your Critter Twitter (as in shiver)
Fall 2017

Winter's cold temperatures are here. While you are making sure your home is warm, don't forget your dog and cat! Just because they have fur does not mean that they don't get cold.

If they have to sleep outside, they will need a warm, dry pet shelter with blankets or clean straw, healthy food and clean water. Water freezes overnight, so it will need to be changed every morning. Pets give us unconditional love and cannot fend for themselves, so it is the least we can do to make sure that their needs are met.

Have a warm and safe winter.


Holds Events and Programs

For more information, please call PAWS @ 505-466-1525.

(Located at the corner of Routes 50 and 63, Next to Frankie's Casanovas Restaurant)



Summer Humane Education Programs:

PAWS Puppy Up Program

(PPUP) transports puppies to approved rescue groups in Colorado for adoption.

PAWS Shelter Your Pet Project

(PPUP) helps build dog houses for families unable to afford them and provides classes on making low cost pet houses


is an interactive, educational playhouse to demonstrate humane pet treatment. It is used at our mobile spay/neuter clinics.

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