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We Now Have Our Own New PAWS Spay/Neuter Van and we will be doing multiple Spay/neuters in San Miguel County.  If you are interested in having a clinic in your area, please contact Jane Carson (PAWS) @ 505-466-1525 for more information on scheduling.


The PAWS PAVILION in Pecos holds events & summer programs on Humane Education

*PAWS Fiestas feature presentations about spay/neuter and humane education for our companion animals, along with games and prizes and fun for all.

The Board of Directors of People for Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) believes that “the mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to its original size”, aptly said by Oliver Wendell Holmes. The need for humane education as a focus is compelling for the healing and restoration of a healthy human-animal bond.

For a multitude of reasons, some people see dogs and cats as disposable animals without feelings. As a result, pets are used for target practice, tied on chains as watchdogs with little or no human contact, left outside in extreme weather to fend for themselves, or beaten and tortured by their owners or neighbors. One of the most recent examples of this extreme animal cruelty is the Labrador mix puppy that was shot 3 times and left to die. We believe that Humane Education can change the actions of people like the person who shot this innocent puppy by changing their beliefs through knowledge acquisition and the sparking of imagination.

Many of our programs are directed toward kindergarten through the ninth grade.  Children are taught about compassionate care of pets by hands-on experiences such as: building low cost dog/cat houses and bird houses; helping people with dogs and cats build sturdy fences: establishing a lending library of books and DVD’s; the production of puppet shows and art projects by the children and teens.

For information, please call Jane Carson PAWS @ 505-466-1525

Tom Alexander talked to K - 5 kids at the Pecos Elementary School Summer Program about Humane Education. "The kids were terrific! Smart, knowledgable, and Interested!"

Tom Alexander

Tom Alexander, PAWS Director of Humane Education

PAWS embraces ongoing Humane Education as an integral part of its mission. Consequently, PAWS sponsored Anne Soiero to facilitate Humane Education classes for the children in the Pecos Independent Schools.

These classes are designed to inspire children by reinforcing humane treatment and consideration of animal welfare ideals and, like the iconic Navajo Story Turtles, encouraging the children to pass on their knowledge by re-telling what they have learned to their families.

We gratefully express our thanks to Principal Debra Sena-Holton, and the teachers of the Pecos Independent School System.

Pictured below is Anne Soiero with kindergarten teacher, Mary Anne Rogers and her impressive class who were focused, asked great questions and gave good answers.

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